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Curious about the title and asking yourself what is a kaleidoscope? It can be described as a colorful display, complex pattern or changing scene observed when looking into a special tube. I remember being fascinated as a kid by the pretty colors dancing around as I twisted the halves of a toy kaleidoscope back and forth.

The process of developing this website has been a kaleidoscope for me, in every sense of the word. Having looked at a few templates, it was an easy decision to go with one specifically designed for a spiritual blog. I thought it would be a quick fix to change out images and text boxes. Boy was I wrong! There is a level of complexity that I was not originally aware of.

This site has gone through numerous changes and I am not done with it yet. Some people already know of my struggles to achieve perfection here. Which photo best captures the meaning of this quest for Faith by Holy Fire? Which color palette is best suited for the theme? Is the existing font bold enough? Questions, questions, questions. Followed by options, options, options. An overload of choices on the landing page alone!

Part of me just wants to get this done with and published as soon as possible. I feel a sense of urgency to share the message of God’s Love while our world grows darker in doubt, disbelief and despair. But my deeper self knows it is better to have a sure foundation for the future and to enjoy a sense of satisfaction that I took the time to do it right.

Yet each change in one area affected the other areas. Discouragement and frustration rose up so that I didn’t want to do anything at all. You know the feeling, right? Finally fed up with my own resistance, I asked myself, “What is holding you back?”

That question got me started on a spreadsheet listing areas of the website that need focused attention. Photo, Logo, Blogs and Podcasts. With a customized checklist to follow, I am achieving these setup tasks so I can soon publish the site. Then I will do what I really want to do. Communicate with you things that our Lord God has shared with me.

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