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Faith over Fear

Cross in the middle of trees and sunshine

Archbishop Vigano says it all! On my debut The Voice of Light Podcast, I review three temptations and discuss their origins and responses. This was written a few days ago and recorded yesterday.

Imagine my delight when I read an email from LifesiteNews and came across the letter written by Archbishop Vigano. From the section Two opposite worlds: "We therefore ought to understand that, if we do not passively witness the changes underway and we do not allow the globalist ideology to be imposed on us in all of its most abject forms, we will soon be considered criminals, hostes publici because we are faithful to a jealous God who does not tolerate mixing with idols and prostitution. The deception of liberty, equality, and fraternity propagated by Masonry consists precisely in usurping the primacy of God to give it to Satan, with the apparent pretext – which is in any case erroneous and immoral – of placing God and Satan on the same level in such a way as to allow an alleged freedom of choice that morally does not exist. But the final purpose, the true and un-confessable one, is fundamentally theological, because the author of the rebellion is always the same, the eternally Defeated One."

His lengthy opinion piece details everything going on in the world and he comes to the same conclusions I have. The struggle to maintain true spiritual fidelity to God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the face of increasingly hostile pressures to just go along with the new world order. It is a global battle for precious souls, the hearts and minds of God's children. Like Joshua of old, I proudly proclaim, As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!

Click to read full article here

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